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opening a business
  JohnnyBologna, Mar 03 2015

well. poker is getting boring so i've decided to open up a nail spa.
location is in florida, a lot of middle aged retired white women here that like to get their nails did.

i myself dont have any experience with nails but my wife is a nail tech and her sisters are and they want their own shop so why not.

Never opened a business before so going to try and use common sense as a guide and try our best.
Of course location of the store is the gonna be main focus/foundation of the business and we are looking hard for a good location.

Only thing that concerns my is they want to buy a previous nail salon so then it would be ready to move in already without having to do much renovations. this seems fairly common because it would be much more work to start from the ground up when starting a new business.

This means we are going have to rely on providing exceptional service because obv the owner before is not doing so well to be selling in the first place.

my wife and her sisters do exceptional work so if we can just get an upswing or heater then that would be great.

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New car poll
  JohnnyBologna, Jan 30 2015

Poll: which car to get?
(Vote): acura tsx
(Vote): hyundai genesis sedan
(Vote): other?

 photo 2012_acura_tsx_sedan_base_fq_oem_7_2048.jpg

 photo Hyundai-Genesis_2012_800x600_wallpaper_08.jpg

Both are 2012 cars. used at car max around 20k with like 30-50k miles.

So shoot away your opinions good or bad! i just need info.

just moved to florida and dont have a car. will be sharing with my wife. price range is around 20k dollars want a relatively new lightly used car around 2010 and up. i am 27 years old i dont want anything super fancy like bmw or mercedes. i feel uncomfortable driving those types but i do want a little 'pezaz' that im not driving a boring ass car.

the genesis is more luxury and a little more expensive so i dunno if im suitable for that type of car? it uses a little more gas and is bigger so i dunno if i should be more conservative and get the 4 liter tsx or just yolo it? the genesis kind of looks like a bentley knock off with their new winged logo tho. just my thought let me know!

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Another one bites the dust.. long busto post.
  JohnnyBologna, Nov 05 2013

I've been around poker for a while now. probably over couple million hands played. supernova on stars every month back then when it was still around. money wise, ive probably lost this much when i took shots at 5/10, 10/20 once or twice only back then for -15k. However, I played like a complete aggro spewtard and lost all of it in a day swearing i would never do that again. Fast forward to today, ive been losing for 2-3 months now feeling all shooken up to that point where you question yourself about your game.

It all started early in the year. I was doing quite pleasingly well despite being out the game since black friday(April, 2011 for those unfamiliar). i deposited 1k on bovada and grinded up to 20k or so using my 1 check cashout limit for 3k each month. I remember saying this is pretty cool. "im gona play and get a paycheck at the beginning of each month like a normal job" Then it all started.

So here I am winning, feeling all confident about my skills and whatnot, take a shot at 5/10. Thinking "It's probably the same game just more money to be won." I enter two table cautiously, maybe a little too cautiously that i already feel like im playing scared money fml. But i dont want to go crazy like before and instantly drop a few buyins.

I still remember the hand that started it. I get JJ in the small blind "okay not so bad." utg+1 limps hi-jack isolates him for a pretty big raise like 60-65. Of course everyone is anonymous and i dont know what the hell is going on and just smooth call like the girl i am cuz i dont want to raise and get it in. Long story short I lose like half my stalk if not more to A-7 offsuit. not too long later i get stacked by some running straight of the sort and am stuck two buyins.

Okay, these guys are too good for me time to go back to my 2/4. grind all night and lose 3k there. log off and mope around for a week feeling depressed now (yay for poker). Dust off my shoulders and say im okay lets go again. play another 10+ hour session down another 2k. rinse and repeat till im down to like my last 1600 bucks. Time to swallow my pride move down $1/$2

Days go by and im ready again. Nope, i cannot win this tug-o-war and i see myself slipping nearer as i lose 1100 at $1/$2 today. O-joy i got 500 bucks left and fire up nl .5/$1 and lose about 100 dollars there after another long session. Maybe you only remember certain things you want to remember when you lose, but all i can remember is 3-bet pot, flop set, guy check folds. i got K-J on a J-x-x bored and crying call river and losing of course. I raise, get re-raised i fold etc etc.
Replaying all the hands that went to showdown in my head, the money won@showdown was not just not there. And unless you can play like isildur, what can ya really do?

So here I am now. 390 bucks left on this account probably soon to be busto. Don't plan on depositing again if it does bust. Hopefully I get my ftp money back soon and stars can come back so I can play on there again. Anyways, just another sad story here. Pre-black friday poker was so good and profitable for me. Quit for 2 years to play a little live, haven't quit got the hang of that yet either lol, come back to these anonymous 4 tables max and run like this.


-Won maybe 1 or 2 sessions in last 3 months
-Run bad (So I say)

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